June 27, 2014

5 Reasons Not to be Discouraged by a Low SAT Score

Every time SAT scores are sent out, I hear from many of you. Many of you will do great (congrats in advance!), but others might not do so great (congrats on having a few more months of SAT fun!).

Enough doom and gloom, right? You want to hear the good news. Here are 5 reasons that a low SAT score on can actually be a good thing.

Reason #1: You have at least a few months to study for an SAT retake.
The SAT's given several times each year: October, November, December, January, March, May and June. You'll have plenty of time to prepare, especially since you're already familiar with the exam.

Reason #2: You can still be the early bird when you submit your college application.
You can study hard and take the SAT in June or in the fall. You'll still be able to submit your application on the day colleges begin accepting them. Applying early to college gives you a better shot because more seats are available.

Reason #3: You have more time to plan your applications and future.
Being forced to retake the SAT in June or in the fall means that you'll have at least another few months to master the exam. You can still work on your personal statement, get recommendation letters, and cultivate relationships with alumni who can help you.

Reason #4: An addendum might help.
If your PSAT score (or high school entrance exam score) wasn't an accurate indicator of your high school GPA, you can submit an addendum explaining that the SAT may not accurately reflect your potential in college either.

Reason #5: I'll be there with you every step of the way.
As you study for your retake, you'll have several months of Get Into College Blog posts to read, memorize, and share with your friends. All 100% free!

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