November 28, 2014

What to Include in a College Application Résumé

Résumés aren't just for jobs and internships. You actually need one for your college applications as well.

Why? It's a short 1-2 page summary of your accomplishments, abilities, and interests. It's a quick and easy way for college admissions officers to see what you've done during high school and what you'll add to their college.

It's easier to make a college résumé than you'd think. This post will show you how.

Sections to Include in a College Application Résumé:
Academic Profile (high school(s) and dates attended)
Co-Curricular Activities (school clubs, sports, etc.)
Extracurricular Activities (out-of-school groups)
Work and Volunteer Experience
Summer Programs
Honors / Awards
Hobbies / Interests / Travel

Detailed Breakdown of Sections in a College Application Résumé

-includes full name, social security number, address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, and email address

Academic Profile
-all high schools you attended
-city and state of each high school
-dates you attended them
-class rank
-SAT / ACT scores
-Honors / AP / IB courses (optional)

Co-Curricular Activities, Extracurricular Activities, and Work / Volunteer Experience
-each activity, positions held, grades in which you were involved
-specific contributions, duties, and recognition in each activity
-number of hours involved per week

Summer Programs
-short description of each
-month and year attended

Honors / Awards
-short description of each
-month and year you won it
-why you won it

Hobbies / Interests / Travel
-separate category for each
-items that are honest AND make you look good

College Application Résumé Tips:
-List everything in reverse chronological order within each category.

-Be sure to mention any unusual experiences that will impress admissions officers.

-Give a copy to each potential recommender. It'll help them write their letter for you.

-Proofread, proofread, proofread.


  1. dont you want to be truthful and gain the trust of your college? Basically every college knows that you would puit the things down that you think are awesome, but they might also ask for the bad parts, which is no help to you if you did alot of negatives.

  2. No, I would not recommend placing one's social security number on a resume. That can be given later on if requested.

  3. What if nothing significant stands out about my high school career? Should i still make a resume?

  4. Nothing really stands out in my high school career....but I think the fact that you take the time to organize and present a resume says a lot. Google some college application resume's to get some ideas of what to include....I included my GPA and the 2 sports I played. And the few awards I got in those sports.

  5. My 2 brothers and I All used this website and all got into colleges including Keene State, New England College, and Western New England

  6. The fact that you write a resume doesn't impress colleges, it's a required part of the admissions process at most colleges and merely applying doesn't set you apart from any of the other applicants , for they, too, filled out an application. If your resume is rather lacking then you could always spend a weekend or two and rack up community service hours to beef it up.

    1. Yes but filling out a application is better than not filling one out.