November 27, 2009

Free College Admissions Tips Outline

This list contains all posts since I started blogging here several months ago. I've placed them from old to new within each category.

If you haven't read them all yet, now's the time!

Cheat Sheet

Get Into College Blog Ebook


5 Ways to Win the Hearts of College Admissions Deans

7 Ways to Start the College Application Process with a Bang

5 Reasons to Enjoy the College Admissions Process

Discipline Question on College Applications | How to Respond

College Application

How to Choose a Major on Your College Application

College Admissions | Who Is Reading Your Application?

College Application Supplemental Material | What to Include, What to Leave Out

College Essay

How NOT to Write a College Essay

5 Steps to Starting Your College Essay

5 Ways to Ace the College Application Essay

College Essay | Show, Not Tell

How To Answer The “Why Do You Want To Go To This College?” Essay

How to Start Your College Essay | Tips and Outline

College Essay Writers Block Advice

How to Review Your College Essay and Application

College Interview

10 Tips To Prepare For College Interviews

“Any Questions?”: The Final College Interview Question

College Interview Outfits And Clothing | What To Wear

College Interview | Tips to Prepare for Questions They Ask

College Resume

What to Include in a College Application Résumé

College Admission Resume Advice

College Application Resume Dos and Don’ts

College Selection

College Selection Tips | Picking the Right College

Factors in Choosing a College or University

Private vs. Public College Selection and Graduate School


How to Become President of a High School Club by 12th Grade

The Ivy League Guide to Extracurricular Activities

5 Tips for a Productive Summer Vacation

Volunteering and the College Admissions Process

Extracurricular Activities | How to Demonstrate Commitment

Extracurriculars Increase College Admissions Chances


5 Reasons Not to Be Discouraged By a Low GPA

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