February 23, 2011

Kaplan SAT Live Online Prep Course

Get Into College Blog reader Julia is taking a Kaplan live online SAT prep course. In this blog post, she describes her experience in the first week of the course.

Julia's Live Online Kaplan SAT Course Review:

Taking an online prep course is kind of like being in a classroom. The instructors are very helpful and explain everything but some of the students can get distracting at points because they don't always stay on topic. I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm one of the very few people in my grade who is starting to prep for S.A.T's. Prepping this early on in high school is helpful because it is showing me how much I need to learn before thinking about the tests.

Taking a course is going to give me an advantage over many of my classmates because the course is showing me how to pick apart each question so that a difficult question becomes more understandable. After the orientation you have to take a diagnostic test which gave me an introduction to what the actual test will be like but i had to stay up until 11:00 at night on a school night so I didn't feel that I was 100% focused. I have only only been in one class session so far but I am looking forward to learning more in the course.

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