March 2, 2011

Kaplan Live Online SAT Prep Course Review

Get Into College Blog reader Julia is taking a Kaplan live online SAT prep course. In this blog post, she describes her experience in the second week of the course.

Julia's Live Online Kaplan SAT Course Review:

In the past week I have had two classes and one test. The SAT course book we get for the online classes has been helping me keep up with what the instructor is saying and while I do the homework or studying I look back on what we learned previously. There is space to do your own work and to take notes also.

The first test I took, the diagnostic test, I didn't do well because all the work was overwhelming, but the last test I took I used many of the tricks and strategies I learned and I think I did a lot better this time. Before each class, there are recommended videos to watch so that you have knowledge of the subject before it is taught. I don't watch all the videos, but they are all helpful and if you pay attention you really do understand what they are saying. The course is preparing me to take the SAT in May, and I am confident that I will be prepared.

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