May 1, 2009

College Student Travel Tips

College Student Travel Tips

Most students use their college years as a time to explore the world and find their place in it. College is a great time to travel overseas because most students are not tied down with a job and a family yet. Backpacking or staying in hostels is a great way to meet people and learn about world culture firsthand. Here are a few tips for college students who travel overseas.

Purchase Student Travel Insurance

Even if a student spends months saving money and planning for their trip, they never know what will happen while they are abroad. Unexpected delays or medical issues can change travel plans without warning, and students can end up spending hundreds of extra dollars to get home if they have not purchased a student travel insurance plan. Insurance companies often offer discounts to students and the policy cost comes out very affordable. Among the benefits offered are trip cancellation/interruption coverage, medical emergency expenses and loss of personal property.

Travel in a Group

Even if the students don't know each other at all before their trip, taking a trip overseas together is a great bonding experience that can create a lifetime of memories. It can be an even greater experience for students who have a common interest such as archaeology or photography. It is also safer to travel in a group because the members are usually able to help each other out as well as split some expenses. There are also likely to be group members who have traveled overseas before that can share wisdom they gained from their previous experiences. Many hostels, airlines and tour guides offer significant discounts to students who travel in a group.


Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn about the world and gain real world experience while helping others. There are many organizations available for students to volunteer their services to help people around the world, no matter what they have chosen for a career path. Most volunteer organizations help volunteers raise money to fund their trip and may even subsidize the student's travel expenses in exchange for a volunteer commitment of a certain length of time, such as three or six months. Some students take a gap year to volunteer in a foreign country before returning to the U.S. to finish their studies.

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