October 5, 2012

Admissions Diary

This is a Admissions Diary post by Phil Z., a high school senior.

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I wanted to tell a personal story about myself getting into college and whether my junior year has completely messed up my chances:

I am a generally A+ student since middle school and have done well freshman and sophomore year of my high school years. It started off okay junior year, but now I'm terribly slacking. The more and more I keep getting back lower and lower grades, the more my motivation goes down and I just can't seem to keep up with some of my classmates. My As and the usual B has went down to Bs and Cs. I'm extremely disappointed in my math grade, since I always excelled at math until trigonometric equations took over and completely ruined me. SATs are in about a week and I am quite nervous about it, as well as AP exams. I just seem to have lost confidence in myself now that my junior year
has completely slipped.

Some factors that may have affected my junior year are:

-Taking on a leadership position in Boy Scouts
-Missing about two weeks of school when I went on a special exchange program to Japan in Feb.
-Missing another two weeks of school for a special opportunity with the school band in May
-Getting closer with one girl ..
-Not getting enough sleep due to amount of homework
-Studying and blanking out on the quiz/test next day
-Taking on more community service
-Band and choir taking up most of my time

I take AP US History and AP English Language, with Precalculus advanced, Physics advanced, and Mandarin 3 advanced. I've always been taking advanced classes since high school started.

The big question on my mind is: Will my junior year affect my chances to get into a good college? I live in the Boston area, so there are plenty of great colleges around, but I feel like my grades this year will kill that chance to get into them.

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  1. sounds like me lol but we will both pull through