October 4, 2012

College Admission Diary

This is a Admissions Diary post by Alison C., a high school senior.

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I was wondering if it's possible to have too much responsibility on your college applications in terms of extracurricular activities. I'm not sure if college admissions officers have a border where a student is so spread out between his or her activities that it is just "too much." Or, if, at a certain point, they would become skeptical about a student's honesty in an application.

My concern is that the application officer will feel that I have committed to too many activities. With that said, do you think it would be detrimental to include all of the responsibilities I hold on campus? What, do you feel, would be the maximum? This concern stems from my comparison to other students at my school. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if other students in the nation are much more "extracurricular-ly blessed" than I.

P.S. I just read your "few but ripe" blog post. The clubs I have are not all in the last year or two years. 

Listing only clubs:

Chemistry Network (Publicity board member junior year)
Link Crew (junior and senior year)
CSF (member since freshman year, VP of Membership senior year)
FBLA (member junior year, co-president senior year)
Christian Club (leadership since sophomore year, VP junior year, President senior year)
Habitat for Humanity (co-founder junior year, President junior and senior year)
ASB (Academics Commissioner senior year)

Chinese Culture Club (co-founder/VP senior year)

Also, I was curious as to whether "co-president" and "president" made a difference in the application? Is this too much to include in my application...?

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