October 4, 2012

College Admissions Diaries

This is a Admissions Diary post by Brendan, a high school junior. If you'd like to contribute to Admissions Diaries, please submit yours in the body of an email to GetIntoCollegeBlog@gmail.com


Hello, I am a Brendan, a Junior at a private school in Connecticut.

I am not a dumb kid but just went through a tough time in my life and I messed up in school. My freshman year my average GPA was a 3.2 sophomore year 2.8, and this year 2.3. I am so worried that my junior year is going to kill me.

I was lazy this year and I regret it with all my heart. I am a good kid (I hope) and I dont mess around in school. I am an Eagle Scout and I am looking to play lacrosse in College. I already have schools looking at me so thats good. Im so afraid this junior year is going to kill me though.

I got a 24 on my ACT for my first time and I am taking it again along with the SAT in may. I am not looking to get into a great school or anything.

My favorite school (dream school) is Salve Regina in RI. Its not a great school but I am so afraid I wont get in. I have been working so hard these past few weeks and will continue to do so the rest of the way through highschool and hopefully college.

I go to a tutor every day and work very hard but I still fall short becuase I messed up the beginning of junior year. I really want to go to college especially Salve Regina. I hate disapointing my parents and I really want to get in to my favorite schools. Agian, my current GPA is about a 2.3. Please someone give me a truthful answer about my chances. Please respond soon. Thank you very much and good luck to everyone else.

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