October 5, 2012

College Admissions Diary

This is a Admissions Diary post by Ellie Kim, a high school junior. 

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I am Ellie Kim.

Im junior at highschool.

We just finished the 2nd qtr.

So far I have 3.1 GPA right now.

I did not play sports at school.

I really want to get into the NYC...

I mean I will work hard one this 3rd qtr.

1st. qtr I did well but this 2nd qrt.... I had a emotional hard time.. cuz I had a boyfriend.. and we broke up.

It was hard for me cuz Ive known him for 5 years and he broke up with me at my birthday. so I did poor on this 2nd qtr.

Now Im over with this guy.

And right now I have passion to go to good university but the thing is I realized that I have a bad GPA..

I did not take the SAT yet but I will take it may be in this March or September.

and I have enough credit to graduate.
I took chem,bio, phy(what im taking it right now),

gov,wh1,wh2(im taking it right now),

eng9,10,11(im taking it right now)

algbra 1,2 Geo, pre cal, cal AB( im taking it rightnow),

art1,3 photo1, spanish 1,

esol credit (so it is up to me that taking the english 12 because finishing the esol program, it gives me one credit for the english.)

piano 1, finance, 2 credit for the PE.

The credit that im missing is US/VA history.

So basically, I will be going to the school for five years if i will attend the high school next year.

I have few options for next year when I will be senior.

1. i can go to the NOVA(community college in VA)
take the US/VA class and may be on top of that I could take some other subjects too.( maybe english or science at NOVA)

2. go to NOVA in the morning class or evening class while I am still attending the highschool with the AP CLASSES

3. just finish the high school during the summer and go back to korea to and study for the SAT for 6 months to get good score on the SAT.

I think it would be better to go to NOVA and attend to high school and get a job and do some community service for a year or before the college app.

Please tell me what should I do..

What would be the best choice and do you think i can get in..?

FYI. I have been in the United States for 3 years right now.

I am from Korea.

Right now I am attending public school in VA.

...:) Im so confused and kinda in panic that questioning myself

`do I have way that I can get into this school, NYC where I really want to get in?'

I hope that your readers can give advice soon..>3<

thank you..^^

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