October 18, 2010

Guide to Student Accomodation in Brisbane

Studying abroad is a wonderful experience where students get the opportunity to learn about themselves as well as the outside world. Studying abroad can be one of the most enriching, interesting and stimulating experience of your entire lifetime. In the present world, there are many study abroad opportunities available to students in almost every country which makes studying in your dream land easier than ever before. One of the most desired destination of many students who wish to study abroad is Brisbane which is situated in Australia. Brisbane is the most populous city in the Australian State of Queensland. The Education system in Brisbane is primarily the duty of the Queensland Government. The education system in Brisbane consists of a three tier model which includes primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. Brisbane has many famous colleges and universities including the University of Queensland and Griffith University which are among Australia’s highest rated universities. Brisbane is named after the river on which it is situated which was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane who was the Governor of New South Wales. The central business district of Brisbane lies in a curve of Brisbane River. The central street is names after the members of the royal family whereas. The city of Brisbane has retained many old heritage buildings which are centuries old. Brisbane has a subtropical climate with warm and humid summers and moderately warm winters. Unlike other Australian cities the city of Brisbane is governed by a single local government area.

Before pursuing an international program it is important for a student to do some research about the university and obtain advice from reliable sources. Studying in Brisbane is an enriching experience for students since it provides them with an opportunity of not just studying but also making friends with the host country locals. Brisbane offers both dedicated and rented accommodation for international students. In Brisbane accommodation for Student is easily available to students due to the large number of quality student accommodation facilities available there. Brisbane offers standard homestay households to international students in order to increase the existing student housing schemes which
in turn benefits the local businesses and workers. Brisbane also provides the facility of homestay arrangements for international students which helps in cultural understanding, community involvement and financial support. Homestay accommodation has the advantage of getting cultural exposure and a feeling of their own home. Many companies in Brisbane are also providing student accommodation in a safe and secure community.

As the number of students increase every year, the demand for quality and safe accommodation also increases. Being a major hub for domestic as well as international students, it is necessary to provide standard accommodation to students visiting Brisbane. The student accommodation in Brisbane which is provided by Urbanest has facilities like air conditioning, private study space, underfloor heating, luxury showers, flatscreen TVs, broadband internet connectivity and many more. Thus studying in Brisbane gives students the chance of not only obtaining an internationally recognized degree but also to learn the culture of the host country.

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