August 7, 2014

College Admissions Advice

It is the dream of every society, including the United States, to prepare its young adults to be not only responsible citizens, but also instill in them the necessary skills to help them lead a productive life in the dynamically changing world, where technology is radically shaping every aspect of human life. This infers that the American society through its institutionalized school curriculum has the responsibility of equipping the young adults with a reliable foundation of literacy, career development, important skills for dependable citizenship, and lifelong learning. In order to achieve all these, college education is necessary to equip the young adults with the necessary skills and knowledge. On the other hand, the transition of high school students to colleges has been made competitive so that only those who work hard have the opportunity of attaining college education. Consequently, high school students seeking college admission have to not only work hard to attain the admission minimum grades, but they also ought to make the right decisions during the admission process.

Majority of the prospective college students perceive the admission process as a hard task to undertake, especially when students have neither parents nor guardians to help them juggle through the intimidating process of juggling financial aid and college application materials. Nevertheless, this does not have to be the case if the self-managing students can inform the college people that they are on their own. Otherwise, the admission process can be an easy task in case the student is prepared or intimidating for students who find themselves clueless of what to do despite their impressive grades. In order to prepare for the admission process, students might need to do the following:-

A prospective college student should be organized: In spite of the parent’s or guardian’s willingness to help in the admission process, the student should personalize/own the process. This means that as soon as the student gains entry into high school, he/she should work according to the college timeline. For instance, the student should ensure that before his/her year of senior high school, he/she has a comprehensive list of prospective colleges to apply to. In addition, all necessary information about prospective colleges should be gathered.

Begin early: After acquiring the list of prospective colleges, it is recommended that the student begins early enough to consider what he/she wants in a college. This will help students narrow down the list of prospective colleges. It is important getting a head start on the admission process because it will help the student preserve enough time to concentrate on financial aid materials and the quality of applications.

Work closely with academic mentors: When a student starts to prepare early enough for college, he/she will find it convenient to utilize the available high school resources for his/her gain. With an environment full of teachers and counselors, students have opportunities of reaching out for help regarding their options. Teachers and counselors are likely to care about their students’ interests, education and as a result, they are likely to help the students realize how to utilize their parents’ or guardians’ empowerment for their own success. In addition, guidance counselors and teachers might also important resources for connecting students and colleges.

Communicate to colleges: For college prospective students who might feel intimidated or confused by the entire college admission process, they might consider reaching out to available college officials for help. Students may inquire about admissions or financial aid, and responsible personnel will accord them due help.

Nevertheless, the students should understand that in order to get admission to college, there are some factors that are likely to increase one’s chances of being admitted. For instance, a student with a transcript that indicates that he/she takes on challenges puts him/her in a better position. This means that students should also ensure that besides being successful in academics, their transcripts should also include some Advanced Placement Classes and honors. In most cases, you will require strong writing skills and this is when such resources as Essay Kitchen come into play.

In conclusion, it takes good preparation for the admission process, academics excellence and probably engaging in a competitive high school program to increases chances of obtaining college admission. 

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