January 13, 2014

How Linear Actuators Can Be Used to Make Students' Lives Easier

Importance of Linear Actuators in Life of Students  
Students work well in an atmosphere that is eco-friendly that ensures they focus on learning activities with minimal distractions. Therefore, it is necessary to control environmental features at all times to maintain a conducive environment for students. Moving around the rooms, opening windows and doors, arranging materials for experiments, controlling the temperature and daylight initiate distractions in the learning process. The process of automating these features ensures students have maximized their energy in learning as opposed to moving around their rooms trying to be comfortable. Automation provides an environmentally friendly learning process with minimal disturbances.
Automatic Controlled Actuator switch
Daylight Control
The installation of light level sensitive sensors working together with electronic actuators in study areas like classrooms, dormitories and library is important in monitoring the levels of lighting. The lighting is always student specific and adjustable according to daylight and glare. 12v electric linear actuator control the opening of doors and windows to allow light to pass through and automatically turning electric lights on at night.

Automated Class Windows with actuator System

Preparation for experiments  
Most of the students consume a lot of time trying to prepare for experiments. Actuators have been designed into robots to help the students in preparing their experiments. It includes cleaning the apparatus, setting up the experiments and even analysis of the data. The machines can also be fitted with surveillance systems to ensure the students are safe in their work areas.

An Actuator machine preparing for experiments

Creating Space
Spacing is imperative in the life of a student. Actuators can be used to create space for learning rooms and dormitories. The small cubical dormitories that handle more than one student can be difficult to navigate trough. Actuators are used to automate the furniture in the room together with the beds converting then into desired furniture at that time. The beds can be converted to a chair or a table automatically to allow the students read and rest at different times. It includes automating the cabinets to raise them or lower them down to allow the creation of space.   

Linear Actuator system turning a bed into a table in a student’s dormitory

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