April 27, 2015

Make the Most of College Campus Visits

The best way to make the most of college campus visits is to thoroughly research the list of colleges that you're considering before you visit them. There's no reason to visit a school that you would later eliminate for reasons you could have determined beforehand with a little research.

You can use social networking to research colleges and find out the "real deal," cutting out the sterilized view of campuses that you'll find in a brochure or on the college tours. Remember that brochures and college tours are not unbiased sources.

Even without visiting a college campus, you can use Facebook to speak with current students or recent alumni of the colleges that you're considering. They might be the older siblings of your friends, but they can also be random people that you message through Facebook. You can find current students and recent alumni by going to "advanced search" on Facebook. Search within any college's network by graduation year, major, gender, and a variety of other factors to find students and alums who share your interests.

Even random people you contact or speak with on campus will likely be happy to help you. After all, they were in your position only a few years ago.

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