May 15, 2015

How to Discover "Secret" Local College Scholarships

Towards the end of the school year, many high school seniors are featured in local newspapers. Articles about them typically mention which colleges they'll be attending in the fall.

Pay attention to these articles. They'll often mention local scholarships those students received.

Keep a list of these scholarships. The organizations that give them away will likely be running these scholarship competitions again in the fall. Apply for those scholarships.


The applicant pool for local scholarships is much smaller than the national scholarships that receive thousands of applications. Your high school's guidance office may also have information about local scholarships on file. Also, look into any niche scholarships you can find.

When it comes to applying national scholarships, it's most efficient to write a relatively smaller number of essays that you can re-use for multiple scholarships. In other words, focus on applying for scholarships that will allow you to use essays you've already written for others. You don't want to write essays that can only be used once!

However, local scholarships have such a small applicant pool that may be worth writing something customized for these. I've seen students win local scholarships simply because they were the only ones to apply for them!

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