July 1, 2015

14 Questions to Help You Edit Your College Admission Essays

After you've written rough drafts of your college essays, use these questions to help you make some serious revisions. Writing is a process, and you should go through several drafts of your college essays in order to make them improve them as much as possible.

14 Questions to Help You Edit Your College Admission Essays:

Have you communicated your direction in life? 

Do you have a clear sense of direction?

Why do you want to obtain your college degree?

Have you thoroughly considered your career path?

What do you want to get out of a college education?

Have you been specific in stating your purpose?

Is your essay clear? 

Have you carefully articulated your story?

Have you avoided repeating info from other parts of the application?

Have you used colorful details and observations?

Have you stayed as concise as possible?

Have you shown that you're unique? 

Have you shown that you’re an interesting person?

Have you backed up your personality with examples?

Does your expressed uniqueness mesh with the rest of the application?

Have you honestly shown who you are? 

Have you been honest about your strengths and weaknesses?

Does the reader get a real sense of your view of the world and your personality?

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